Forensic Psychiatry

V. Poliasnyi, A. Voloshchuk, L. Kupriianova, D. Kupriianova


Procedural, scientific and organizational postulates of the forensic psychiatry

1.1. Subject of the forensic psychiatry. Scheme of the psychiatrical aid organization. Definition and criteria of the “psychical health”

Before we will start overviewing the postulate of the forensic psychiatry activity, we have to present the main definitions, that are directly related to general psychiatry and the main subject of psychiatry’ research, namely, to the human psychical activity.

Psychiatry — is a branch of the clinical medicine. The main aim of its research is finding out the origins of the psychical diseases, their psychical displays, treatment and prevention. The sphere of tasks of the psychiatry includes also leading the expertise: forensic psychiatry, military, labour ones according to the necessity of psychiatry patients; as well as providing sanitary, educational and psycho-hygienic events among citizens.

Social psychiatrical support is provided in the following institutions: ambulatory, stationaries, as well as socially-rehabilitation’ related ones.

In the aim of creation an objective possibility for law enforcements agents to provide or to ask for a help from appropriate institutions on time, according to the psychical condition of the suspect, witness or accused; it has to be presented the following main directions and activities of the psychiatrical support institutions, that we had mentioned before.

FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY Poliasnyi V., Voloshchuk A., Kupriianova L., Kupriianova D.

Ambulatories: are dedicated to preventive disposing as well as to the next accounting of the patients with the psychiatric profile; providing the dynamic dispensary observation for patients; providing the ambulatory medical treatment and forwarding them to the medical treatment; providing the social-rehabilitation related, medical, pedagogical as well as legal support for patients; providing the preventing observations; providing an expert work; providing the consultancy’ support in the institutions of the general somatic network; leading the sanity-educational work among the society.

In the stationaries it could be found out all types of the medical treatment, likewise: the stationary forensic-psychiatry expertise could be provided; recommendations for patients are prepared, namely, for patients who are going to be discharged and will live in their personal apartments or houses, as well on the territory, which is divided between patients and their relatives and/or guardians.

In the social-rehabilitation institution: social-rehabilitation measures towards psychically diseased people and invalids are provided, work efficiency is restored with providing the future employment, general educational as well as production education of people, who have mental retardation is taken place; anomalous behavior forms in case of the anomalous of the psychical development are corrected.

In the aim of complete understanding as well future diagnosis psychical disorders, there is a necessity to have a clear vision in the sphere of normal psychical human condition. The main component of this condition which is directly connected with the psychical sphere, is a “psychical health”.

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